Our Story

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The Concept

The idea behind Protein Fit Kitchen is simple: Provide fast, fit food for active people who want healthy meals and snacks that compliment their active lifestyle. Our seasonal selections of protein-rich, nutritionally balanced meals, snacks, mylkshakes and tonics are made fresh daily by our chef for you to take home, or eat in.

If you’re in a hurry and too busy to order at the counter, just grab from our selection of pre-prepared meals in the cold case.

Come in. Sit down. And discover how a Protein Meal Plan can improve your performance, your energy level, and your health.

We all want to be fit, but life is too short to not enjoy what we eat.

Tony Phansana & Steve Herrera, Founders of Protein

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Our Founders

Co-founders Steve Hererra & Tony Phansana have created a dining concept that provides balanced, nutrient-dense, protein-rich foods to support your active lifestyle. They wanted flavor to support fitness, so they assembled a team who understand this important concept, and Protein was born. Protein Fit Kitchen is about leading a healthy, flavorful life.